Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Off on a pizza adventure

Wish us luck.

The kids and I are making home made pizzas today. Home made crust and all. Should be an experience. Possibly an experience in how NOT to get a kid to eat pizza, but an experience, none the less.

We used the bread machine to mix the crust dough earlier. While it was mixing and rising we ran to the grocery store to pick up some mozzarella and pepperoni. I am going to try and make two pizzas, each one half cheese, half pepperoni. Then we can freeze one pizza for later in the week. If this works, and the kids eat our pizzas, we will get a little more adverous with the toppings in the future.

The dough recipe said that it could be doubled, so I did. While it was rising it overflowed the pan. I had to knead it down a little. Hopefully I did not mess anything up...

Saturday, The Talker and I made some cinnamon rolls. The dough did not rise very well. Either because the milk I used was too hot or because the house was too cold... An hour ago I heated the oven for a little while. Hopefully it is warm enough to help the crust rise.

Either way, after an hour of letting the crust rise, we will be assembling our pizzas and baking them for lunch. A picture before the baking. Just in case we don't survive.


Long Island Dad said...

Excellent Job! My wife manages a California Pizza Kitchen so I leave all things pizza up to her, being the expert and all. May I say your creations rival the best!

Mike said...

All I know is we would starve if I needed to do this everyday. A LOT of work for the amount of food.

Ally Bean said...

Yum. But so much work. Still they look delish.