Saturday, December 09, 2006

Reports of my death have only been slightly exaggerated

Everyone is truly on the mend now. Unluckily, we are at the point where the kids have bounced back to full strength and The Boss Lady and I are still not feeling that great. She must be closer than me, though. She just volunteered to take the kids to her office for a couple of hours this morning. Not a chance in hell I want to spend any solo time with the progeny today.

Especially after my wrestling match with the toilet last night.

No. I wasn't sick again. I was trying to be a good daddy. See,I have been keeping any laundry that might be contaminated with barf bugs contained in the garage and I have been washing stuff as fast as the machines would allow. So I had picked up all of the towels and rugs out of the bathrooms and I started spraying disinfectant all over the place. Now one bathroom is sparkly clean. Not contagious. And SLICK!

I walked back in the bathroom to scrub the potty when I wiped out on the wet tile floor. Smashed my left wrist on the bathroom counter, my knees on the floor, twisted my ankle into the side of the bathtub and smashed my face right into the toilet bowl. At least my big nose kept me from drowning.

All in all, it hurt like heck, but I can limp into the bathroom without fear of germs. So I guess it was an OK trade.

But now I am just a little afraid that the potty might attack me again.

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Terry said...

Now arent you glad you it all cleaned at this point??