Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Trail of Lights

The Parks and Recreation Department hosts The Trail of Lights for a couple of weeks each year. It is an event that we never miss. This year, no exception. Since the weather was perfect today, we headed over to the trail after dinner.

While there I shot lots of photos that I will share later. For now, I'll let you check out one of my first YouTube videos. This is a little longer look at one of the displays along the trail. It was a cool set-up.


Anonymous said...

Cute, albeit short, video! I'm impressed that you know how to do that. Is there nothing that you can't do?!

ally bean here. blogger beta hates me so i have to comment via anonymous. i sure hope that blogger gets this fixed soon.

Mike said...

That was one of the trail displays. Sorry if my original post was misleading.

I shot a longer video of it and have it posted at YouTube, also.

Terry said...

Was that "Peanuts" music playing in the background. I kept waiting for Snoopy to dance on the piano..