Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Cast of Characters

Primary Cast

AtHomeDaddy - Writer of this blog and father of The Talker and The Princess

The Talker - 8 year-old son

The Princess - 6 year-old daughter

The Big White Dog - A different big white dog

The Dictator - A 15 pound mutt

The Other OK - A different big orange cat

Marge - My 1968 Chevy truck

The Girls - Our flock of backyard chickens

The Boss Lady - The Talker and The Princess's mother

NOT actually people, but important to the kids
Phillip -
The Talker's baby doll son
Snow White - The Princess' baby doll daughter
Pablo - The Talker's imaginary friend who seems to have been replaced by
Grandma and Grandpa - The Talker's imaginary grandparents who have lots of nice toys
Sharkboy and Lavagirl - Characters from a movie. They play pretend with them, too
Dora, Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar - If you don't know, you are lucky
Mariposa and Boy Mariposa - Our newest pretend characters

Secondary Cast

SAHDs - Stay at home dads, primarily the members of the local SAHDs group

Queen Mother - AtHomeDaddy's Mother
Dad - AtHomeDaddy's Dad
Bro - AtHomeDaddy's Brother
Sis - AtHomeDaddy's Sister

My So Called Aunt - Allegedly AtHomeDaddy's Aunt
Uncle Lemon - Husband of My So Called Aunt
The Babysitter - My So Called Aunt's oldest daughter (see Beautiful and Gorgeous)
Beautiful and Gorgeous - My So Called Aunt's children. I can't keep 'em straight...

Rick - (aka RM) Long time friend - resided 3 states to the right
KRB - The longtime buddy - currently in hiding from the FBI
JB - The college roommate - NOW back in Texas
Racecar Man - The neighborhood crew chief and mechanic
Norm - The home improvement king of the neighborhood
Law Talking Guy - The neighborhood attorney
Other Dad - Another SAHD in the neighborhood.

The Arch Villains
None currently assigned

More to be added as the lies grow...


Anonymous said...

Hey, time to update the cast. The villians have changed and Princess is at least a year older.

Angel said...

I know who Dora, Diego and so many more. I suppose I'm not lucky. LOL

Anonymous said...

The Cast of Characters?


I feel better already.

( I was telling a woman about my Talker this morning, and she thought it hilarious. Then she looked at my face and asked why I was not smiling.)

Eric said...

this is such a cool idea?!
mind if I steal it, or do you have it copywritten :)

Unknown said...

I really like your blog. You really seem like you have a handle on things. Thanks.

David Aragon said...

I love that your cast includes imaginary friends, I am now asking my "cast" what friends they would like to see mentioned in my blog about them.