Friday, March 27, 2009

What weather?

This week we have seen several days of much neded rain. The yard and garden appreciate it very much. The rain just means that I have to mow again soon, so I am a little less thrilled.

We also had several nasty thunderstorms and hail recently, including about 10 minutes of racquetball sized stones falling from the sky. The neighbors lost windshields and in their cars and skylights in their houses. We were luckier and only ended up with some nice sized dents on the hood and roof of my car.

I am sure that every house in the neighborhood will be getting new roofs soon. The insurance adjuster comes out in a few weeks to look our roof over. And like the robins in spring, roofing companies have guys circling our neighborhood, looking to make some nice quick sales in the aftermath of Blizzard 09. For the record, even if we do need a new roof, we will wait until the summer, to make sure that we are not working with some fly by night company.

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Love Bears All Things said...

And there is always that nasty deductible to pay.
Mama Bear