Sunday, March 22, 2009

The woman has been holding out on me

Girl Scout Cookies have long been a vice of mine. But I thought I had made it through the sale season without going on a cookie bender. I don't think I bought a single box this year.

Last week there was a mysterious box of Carmel deLites in the kitchen so the kids and I finally ate them yesterday. Didn't know where they had come from. Didn't ask. Just assumed that they had been here several days, so the cookies were fair game.

When we polished off the cookies, The Boss Lady casually mentioned the other boxes out in the freezer. Turns out there are 8 more boxes out there.

Make that 7. I have just about finished off this box. By myself.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh! The hidden box of cookies. Goldmine! (or nightmare?)

Otter Thomas said...

We are all powerless to resist those cookies. There is no hope.

Anonymous said...

Your old dealer got out of the Gang. Now, the adopted Russian has taken her place. Long live Anya!