Friday, February 23, 2007

A moment of silence, please

Today is the last day of Girl Scout cookie sales around here.

Now lets all be sad, and maybe a little skinnier, together.

Total cookie purchase this year, unknown. I kind of went on a bender for about a week.

Estimated cookie purchase this year, 13 boxes. But I might make 15 if the local dealer still has the good ones in stock this evening.


Long Island Dad said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.
*bows head*

Rick said...

It sounds like it is time for you to join Britney in rehab, but first you need to shave your head again.

Mike said...

LID, Thanks for your sympathy.

You are right, Rick. I am a junkie.

But I am still OK with it. When I hit 270 I'll stop, I swear.

Ginger said...

Wow! I made it through GS cookie season without buying any! Yeah for me. I kept my head down while passing them at the grocery store and luckily no neighbors came calling.

Terry said...

The local GS troop has been in hiding.. I have not spotted a single box in town....I was planning a trip to Huntsville soon, but it seems tha pantry is bare there too.. What to do, what to do??

Angel said...

Holy moly!!

We are waiting for delivery of our cookies darn it! I have 3 boxes ordered and 2 ordered for my mom. I wonder if I could hook you up with some up here. hee hee.