Sunday, February 11, 2007

I can't even nap right

The wife and kids got home this afternoon. I had a beautiful plan for the weekend. I only had one thing to do all weekend.

But the weather went and screwed it all up.

It was such a nice day on Saturday, that I ended up working in the yard all day. I moved our storage shed from up near the house to around the corner, mostly hidden from view. I got the shed a year and a half ago, from a stay at home dad friend. I never liked where I set it up, so this was a good weekend to move it.

Back then, this is the phrase I originally left out of this post. And without it the whole thing seemed to lose it's meaning... I gave my old one to a neighbor. My good ol' garden wagon made moving the little shed easy and it was oh, so classy when I rolled it across the street!

This time I just rigged up some 2X4 runners and I slid the newer, bigger shed across the back yard and into place. No pics of this move, though. The new shed is one of those vinyl shed, so weight was not a problem. The hassle was that it is 8ft square and 7 1/2 feet tall.

I also worked on the veggie garden for a while. I need to fence it off to keep a certain big white dog out of it, so I started putting in the fence posts today. Most of the winter I have been piling up leaves and grass clippings. I ran the tiller through all of that mess to get the garden soil into good shape. It was a lot of fun, since one tire went flat, and the tiller kept pulling to that side. I'll blame the tiller if my garden is a little tilted this year.

I also helped move and set-up some bunk beds moved for Other Dad's kids. It's always a good time, when 4 men and one boy try to work together to get 2 bunk bed sets moved. I think the 7 year old was more helpful than any of us.

Next week is the Daytona 500, so I'll try to get some napping done next weekend, before the start of the race.


Phil said...

Wow, your grass looks great... I forget where you are, Florida?

My backyard is flooded with melting snow right now. I don't dare even walk back there because it's like a big spongey swamp. I kind of miss my yard... We spent so much time working on it last summer, moving rocks, planting trees and bushes, babying the new sod.

I need to get a shed of some sort. I can't even walk through the garage without tripping over something... need to all the yard stuff out and into it's own place.

Geez, I'm not even done with my indoor winter projects and I'm already thinking about the outdoor spring/summer projects!

Mike said...

Yeah that picture was from 18 months ago. Before Destructo Dog turned the perimiter of the yard into his own race track.

Hopefully I'll get it back into decent shape for the spring. Here in Texas the grass is starting to green up a little, so I better get on it!

Angel said...

You are a horrible napper!! LOL you nap like me (by doing work.)

The grass does look lovely. Ours is snow and dog poo. When it's -3 degrees out no one wants to go on poopsicle patrol. And Tuesday to Wednesday we are supposed to get socked with 12 more inches. Yeah, it will be a wonderland of poop. LOL

Yes, get napping next weekend but woo hoo(!) to getting so much done and being a great helpful friend!

Long Island Dad said...

Crazy, Crazy Man! Opportunity Lost! Ah, well at least the shed is moved! Sleep is for sissies anyway!

Ally Bean said...

Green. I see the color green. I think I could stare at that photo for an hour. I miss seeing green now that we're to the rusty brown and grayish white time of winter. And you have green. *sigh*

Mike said...

Sorry guys. My grass isn't that green right now. Hopefully soon. I edited this post to clarify.

See the revision to the 5th paragraph. Or the next post up the page.

Now back to our dreary, grey and green-less lives.

Mike said...

And I have laughed all day about poopsicles.

I can't wait until I get a chance to use that one...

Of course, I can't envision a time when it will be fitting, but I'll file it away for some other day.

Rick said...

I think you photo-shopped in the grass

Terry said...

I am just concerned about Angel's dog making poopsicles in 12+ inches of snow....Poor Pup!!