Monday, February 12, 2007

But everything else here is true, I swear!

He says with fingers crossed tightly behind his back.

I just re-read my entry about my wasted weekend and somehow, between my brain and the PUBLISH button, everything got sorta knocked outta whack.

Let me clarify.

The shed in the picture went to my neighbor's house in July of 2005. Thus the green grass. That stuff was soaking up about $90 a month in water. But it sure was pretty.

To set the record straight, here are a couple of pictures of the current state of our backyard.

If you look close, you can see the shed peeking from around the corner, in it's new hiding spot.
The grass isn't nearly as green, but at least it ain't covered in 87 feet of snow.

Here is one from Saturday. The start of another summer garden.

So there you have full disclosure. It isn't as green here as I led you to believe. But again, we can actually touch grass without digging with a snow shovel or hiring out a snow blower.

Now I am wondering how far would I have to go to rent a snow blower? Think I could get one in Oklahoma City?


Long Island Dad said...

Thanks for clearing that up... I was wondering about the beautiful greenery in the middle of the winter. I just figured you had an incredible green thumb!

Mike said...

Green thumb. It faded when the kids were born, but my goal is to get the yard looking righteous again this year, since I have two little helpers, now.

I better brush up on child labor laws...

Angel said...

Mr. SA (should I clarify what SA stands for and NO it isn't Strawberryangel like my pen name...) For the record I stepped on my grass today. Yes I did. There were melted spots between the snow. It was in the mid 30's today and things were melting. I know! And.... and... being in the mid 30's versus 3 degrees, it felt quite warm. In Erie they have 4 feet of snow. Here we barely have 6" now. Well, until wednesday. Big storm coming right people in Chicago?