Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Play at home day

Looks like today is going to be one of those days where we are at home. All. Day. Long.

This morning I remembered that one of The Boss Lady's car tires looked a little low, so she took my car to work.

The kids really wanted to stay home and play Wild Kids. Also known as Little People. Which we have lots of, just not as many as Oda Mae and Oda Daddy. But I wanted to go to to the dinosaur museum.

Anyways, we drug the toys into the living room and I was about to start getting the kids dressed, so that we could go to the dino bone museum when I remembered my lost keys. I have not seen my keys to the wife's car in several weeks. Have you?

Anyways, I don't feel like driving downtown in the rain in the truck with no wipers or side windows. And I haven't felt like looking for my keys in a month, so why should I start now?

So it looks like we are home for the day. At least we did not waste a lot of time getting dressed. Yeah for playing little people in our pajamas! I wonder if we can stay like this until The Boss Lady gets home.


Long Island Dad said...

I love playin' WILD KIDS. That's the one where we get to break stuff and blame it on each other, right?

Angel said...

Sounds like a relaxing day. I'm having one of those today myself, although no pjs. LOL

Wild kids? LOL

You need the clapper to locate your kids and have it give off an alarm when you clap your hands. :D

Phil said...

I have not seen my keys to the wife's car in several weeks.

Maybe they're in my daugher's ear.

Mike said...

You know Angel, I used to have one of those key rings.

Ironically, I lost it along with my VW keys.

Mike said...

LID, Whatever we call it...

We break stuff. We could be sitting hands folded on the couch all day and something would break.

And Phil's daughter would shove the bits in her ear!

Oda Daddy said...

Hmm, I was going to suggest Phil's daughter's ear as well. But if they're not there? BTW, we're still missing #6 from our Little People school set. Anyone seen it? Phil, check your daughter's ear...


Ginger said...

More than a year ago I lost the keys to my car in the house. I started using the extra set. I made a spair but an extra key fob was $50. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was in my study working on a SS lesson and I heard my keys hit the floor. I thougt, "Why are my keys in here?" Later I realized they were the lost pair. I hope yours turn up sooner.