Friday, February 23, 2007

Get off the computer and go outside

The weather has been great this week, so we have been outside a lot lately. Gotta play out there as much as we can before everything starts blooming and allergy season starts up again.

Of course, The Talker and I are still playing Lego Star Wars, but yesterday we added a freebie Lego program to our addictions. Don't want to risk sunburn, you know. Over at, we found a download for the Lego Digital Designer. This thing is a cool 3-D Lego set. You can pick the blocks you build with, rotate the angle you view your project with and modify your creation endlessly.

And evidently, if you design a cool project, you can order a kit containing the blocks to build your project for real.

Currently we are working on a truck and a model of our house. It is not a quick process though, at least not with a 5 year old helping. We are about an hour into this truck.

OK, we were able to finish quicker than I thought. Another 15 minutes and we were done.

And when I sent the model over to, I found that I could purchase my own kit for this model for the low low price of $12.99 plus shipping and handling.


Angel said...

So could I set my 7 year old up with that website for free or do I need to purchase the capabilities? Let me know because my son would LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We will be getting a new pc for the office once my laptop is paid off.

Oh... and sunburn? What is suuunnnn buuuurnnn? Wind burn, yes. Sunburn no. Wait, does that involve the hazy bright orb in the sky? ;D

Long Island Dad said...

ONE WORD.... C O O L! I'm there... thanks for the heads up! The Helper loves him his trucks... and Legos! ...and no mess to clean up -- you're one brilliant man! I again bow to your greatness!

Mike said...


It's free. We ain't paying for nothing. They already get us for a few hundred bucks a year in plastic blocks.

And now they are probably searching my computer for financial records or something.

Yeah for spyware!

Rick said...

Your Lego link seems to be pointing to the wrong location.

Mike said...

Thanks Rick. Linky now worky.

Terry said...

I wonder if I could do that with the BIG TRUCK.... Then I could continue on my quest to clean up the streets.. Just snap on a few blocks and i am good to go again...