Friday, February 02, 2007

A peek back

Long Island Dad got me looking back into the photo archives for one of my favorite pics this morning. Then I couldn't stop. Enjoy the peek into the family history.

See, we did get some snow here. Once, about three years ago.

This is the picture that I started out looking for. Our Helper, helping build the playscape.


Another of my all time favorites. Playscape building day.

Yes, she is standing in a rocking chair.
And yes, I grabbed a camera before I rescued her from breaking herself.

A captive audience for some easy laughs.

Don't know where we were going, but I bet we were having fun!


Long Island Dad said...

See wasn't that fun!
Great shots!
Playscape building... more fun for us with our big man tools then for them, me thinks.
Though they're men... and a tool is a tool is a tool!
Funny how we all have the same pics...Hmmmm!

Mike said...

I would love to build a workshop, but the playscape is good to build on, since the benefits are immediate.

Like, everytime I expand it, there is a little less yard to mow...

Angel L. said...

Those pictures were fantastic! Thanks for sharing!! Ahh boys and their tools.

I have no pics of when my kids helped me build 85% of their playset. Hubby helped with the rest. I kid you not, I was the one building it until the end. My one neighbor (a sicilian contractor) asked me once in a thick accent 'your husband doesn't do alot around the house, does he?' that upset hubby. eeek

Long Island Dad said...

Less yard to mow... then expand that sucker... can always close it in and turn it into a swingin' dad's pad when they leave for college or when the Boss Lady kicks ya out

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the helper and the rocking chair girl. I so prefer casual photos of kids to staged ones. They seem so much more real. Thanks for sharing.

Terry said...

All this plugging we are doing and I have yet to recieve any compensation from LID... How bout you Mike??

Long Island Dad said...

To be fair Terry... I "stole" the idea for Photo Friday from Jeff at Daddy Diary Tales who does it on Wednesday's. But if you want... the next time you're out on the Island I'll buy you a cup of coffee. As for Mike... he's like "my brother from a different mother," sort of freaky. The similarities between the Helper and the Talker are uncanny! He gets nothin'

Terry said...

Sorry Mike!! I tried.....