Sunday, February 25, 2007

Half-assing a half an implosion on a half a building

Intel Inside. That's what happened. A quality operating system just foiled an implosion downtown. The target.

The Intel Building was imploded this morning to make way for a new federal courthouse. Actually, Intel never finished the building and the shell has just been sitting since 2001. And they planned to blow it up this morning, but someone forgot to tell the building. It did not fall completely.

The video. Even more videos here.

We did not drive down there, but from the television coverage the whole thing seems to be a miserable failure. Now I am glad we stayed home.

According to this article on our daily newspaper website,, the implosion went just as planned, but it sure does not look like it did.


Angel said...

*claps hands* implosions... cool stuff. Darn stubborn buildings.

Long Island Dad said...

I loves me some demolition! Always much easier to blow something up then to build it!

Long Island Dad said...

Yeah, It's one of those "It was supposed to do that!" things.

Mike said...

I think I'll ask the guys who have to take down the Leaning Tower of Technology.

I bet they will LOVE getting to work under that gravity defying concrete.