Friday, February 16, 2007

Moving Day!

Today is supposed to be cleaning day. I have put off all of the routine cleaning chores until today, so that we will have the weekend to enjoy a nice, clean house. Also, I am prepping our house for a friend of The Talker's to come over and play this afternoon. Don't want one of The Boss Lady's co-workers to see how we REALLY live or her son might never be allowed back.

But I just had a couple of realizations: There is not enough time to get this dump into presentable shape. Guess I should have started on Thursday. And since I procrastinated so well, I have to settle with our usual cleaning ritual, also known as moving all of the junk to the master bedroom to hide it from public view.

The robot is finishing vacuuming, the big spots on the floor have been mopped up, and the kids rooms are reasonably straight. So bring on the playmates and co-workers. Just don't let them anywhere near our bedroom, OK?


Long Island Dad said...

Gotcha! No one near the bedroom door! Check!

Terry said...

Knock Knock... Hey Mike, what is in here.... Ewwwwwwww!!

Angel said...

I had a mom do that for a play date after being to my house. What she doesn't know is I do that once in awhile with office paper work. My office is my dumping zone. blah!!!

Btw... You have been Tagged. Get to it when you can!

Love Bears All Things said...

Mike, You are such a good stay at home Dad that I think you deserve to hire a cleaning service once you get the house picked up.
Mama Bear

Mike said...

Mama Bear. I totally agree with you.
You are a wise woman. Now go see if some of that will rub off on Rick.