Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The fire sale continues

No, I guess I won't list the kids on eBay. They were back to normal today. So they can remain here. (But I need to remember that Craig's List idea...)

The Big White Dog? Now he is in it. And deep.

The kids were well behaved at the grocery store this morning. So we stocked up on some stuff. I did not get it all put away before lunch time. Which is no big deal for most people. But if you have a Big White Dog who can grab things off of the counters or the top of the microwave, then you have to employ some high level strategy.

We have had dogs this large for a while, so I am usually a professional level dog-proofer. Or so I used to think. Kodak seems to be able to weasel into places that our other dogs never did. Like the breadbox.

So while the counters were full, the dog was in the yard and the back door was dead bolted, to keep the kids from accidentally letting him back in. Then the neighbor struck.

Our neighbor is a little odd. She also seems to need a lot of help from repairmen. She hardly ever comes out of her house. I guess paying appliance repair service calls provides her some socialization at $75 bucks a pop. Just this week I have seen an electrician, a plumber, the dog poop scooping service, the mobile dog groomer's, her pool cleaner and the maid service. Some times there are so many service trucks that they are double parked in her driveway.

The kids and I were playing in the front yard when the cable repair truck pulled up.
The neighbor must have the worst cable line in town, because these guys were out last week, too. And every time they come over, they have to get into our backyard to work on Wonder Woman's connection. So I ran through the house to unlock the gate. Kodak saw his chance and headed in the house. I forgot about the haul in the kitchen.

An hour later I stepped back into the house and I saw it on his face. He was a guilty dog. I found remnants of a brand new package of tortillas, the really nice ones, since the kids were behaving in the store and I had time to choose. He also got a loaf of bread and a new package of hot dog buns. He had obviously tried to get the to the last of my Girl Scout cookies.

The kids were almost sold to the highest bidder for schmucking around yesterday. But they were smart enough to stay out of the Girl Scout cookies. Maybe I should give Kodak a reprieve since he did not ACTUALLY get the cookies.

I guess we will just have to get some taller shelves before next cookie season.


Long Island Dad said...

Doesn't that Dog know carbs are the devil! Now he'll have to go to the Y too! Could've at least had a piece of fruit!

Angel said...


Oh you poor guy! How frustrating!

I don't have a big dog (I bet your dog stands taller than so while I haven't had this happen I empathize! Wow. It has been a tough week for many 'at homers'.

I hope for a day without such happenings and thank goodness the cookies were untouched. (we just ordered ours.....yum!)

Mike said...

Maybe LID is onto something. I should just let him eat all the carbs he wants.

Then I can point and laugh when he is fat.

Angel, I am thinking we should all just sleep until Saturday.

Angel said...

If only that could be so.... I would be all for that. zzzzzzzz

Terry said...

Considering the recent scavenger episode, I will start the bidding at $5.00....

Love Bears All Things said...

Have you read Marly and Me. At least your dog is eating real food.
Mama Bear