Friday, February 23, 2007

The first greens of spring

I have not yet posted pictures of the garden, because it isn't very attractive or exciting right now. Yeah, it IS a lot like me... But this morning I walked outside and saw the first sprout from the greens and peas that the kids planted last Sunday afternoon.

So I guess garden season is officially ON!

The picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea, right?

And it isn't a freshly dug grave. No matter what the neighbors say my garden looks like. I build up raised beds to give the plants a chance in our rocky soil.


Ginger said...

Are you already past the frost danger out there?

Ally Bean said...

What a wonderful photo. I like green and hope to one day see it again in my yard. You've given me inspiration.

Mike said...


Maybe, maybe not. It is hard to tell. If these greens sprout and grow a week or two, they might be able to last through into the summer.

If not, we only used part of each seed packet.


I am ready for the grass to green up. Of course than that leads to mowing, which I can live without.

Long Island Dad said...

I'm so jealous... everything here is just shades of gray! Not a pastel color in sight... unless you count crayons and finger paint!

Terry said...

Mikey WAYNE, just what do you have buried in the back yard????

I think the neighbors have a right to be concerned!!

Mike said...

Terry, you just made me spit Dr Pepper onto my new flat screen monitor.

Thanks for the laugh, but I'll never tell.

By the way, more sprouts this morning.

Angel said...

My strawberry plants are still buried under a foot of snow. *sigh* I wonder if I should plant something else this year? My strawberries and roses take most of my barely free time. LOL That and the growing season here is painfully short. Yeah for you!

BTW... since this is a family friendly blog I won't comment on the sprouts this morning. Hee hee. Opps, I did anyway!