Monday, February 05, 2007

I seem to do this a lot lately

I try to keep truck stuff off of this site. Makes it easier for me to remember where I posted stuff and a little less tedious for you guys. Still, I have posted a couple of times lately about stuff over on my truck blog. And this was just too good not to post on both.

So without any shame I present you a 2 for 1 blog post, straight from TruckinDaddy:

My college buddy reworked a picture of my truck. He took it from this:

to this:

When I showed the picture to my five year old son, he asked when we could take it for a ride. I think he was a little sad when he peeked into the garage and saw blue old Marge sitting there.

Thanks for the chop, Redneck Mother!


Long Island Dad said...

Wow... now that would've been a successful weekend of work! Though, me thinks Marge likes her blueness!

Mike said...

And I am sure the neighbors would appreciate her, as she looks now, more if they could see the "after" picture!

Angel said...

Does your friend 'pimp out' cars for a living? hee hee. There, I hope that was funny and a tad rude. *wicked smile*

I think they both look awesome but the purple doesn't suit you, that's a chick color. Make it red with flames and you're in business.

Angel said...

I'm sorry to Mike's mom if my post here was offensive.

Mike said...

Awww, Mom can handle it.

Heck, she taught me most of the bad stuff I know, right?

Terry said...

From Marge to Bart!!!! Or was that Krusty??

Mike said...

Well, she was kind of crusty when I got her. So that is a good analogy, T.