Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lost it.

I had a post ready to go. Our network glitched and now it is gone. So here is the short version:

  • The veggie garden got lots of attention this weekend. We are ready for warmer weather so we can grow a bunch of stuff that I won't eat! It is now fenced in to keep dogs and kids out and to keep tomatoes from escaping before The Boss Lady gets to eat them.
  • The Talker is in video game heaven when we picked up Lego Star Wars, The Video Game. I did not know they made it for PC, so we are a little late to the party, but after playing for a couple of hours, the boy and I have a new favorite game!
  • And it is sad but true, our daughter almost made it to her third birthday without owning a pair of cowboy boots. Don't worry, we corrected that major oversight this weekend. Our little Texan is now flaunting her bright pink cowboy boots. Complete with zip up sides so that a 3 year old can cowboy up on her own.
You really can't appreciate the boots until you see them in person, but I'll post some pics on Monday. Might even throw in a couple of pictures of the garden, too.

Now go away. I only get to play Star Wars when The Talker is asleep. So I gotta get my Jedi on.


Ginger said...

(reference SWL) Is it hard to work the controls on the PC? Did you have a special controller? If I had it for the PC I wouldn't have to share or wait until they were in bed.

Mike said...

It is keyboard based, even if two people are playing, they share the keyboard.

I think you can use a joystick or something, but this works fine for us.