Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Maybe you had to be there

I just found a video from the day I got the truck started. That engine had not run in a dozen years. And The Talker was almost as excited as me.

Keep your eye on the bouncing boy.

He wiped out. Fell in the floor and hopped right back up to continue jumping on the seat. What the video does not show is me cracking up. Grinning because the truck is running and laughing at the boy falling off the seat.

What a good daddy I am!


Angel said...

OMG... I'm sorry to say that I laughed when he disappeared figuring he fell but then felt badly about laughing until I saw that he was fine.

Thanks for sharing!! I think I'll watch it again to see if I can tell you're laughing.

Long Island Dad said...

I have to say I did laugh too! But knew full well he was in the capable / responsible hands of his father... then I laughed again... harder this time!