Thursday, February 01, 2007

Follow the blue trail home

We made the cruise home yesterday afternoon. I drove and we never stopped. You gotta love a DVD player in the back seat. The kids will give up potty breaks and snacks to watch a movie in the car. They had a fun time entertaining Dad and Mom on our whirlwind trip.

We headed to the mall last night, to shop for clothes for me. One of my least favorite things in the world. Let's face it, I only have to dress a little nicer than a college kid on his way to class one day a week. For about 3 hours total. Still, I have been wearing the same 3 or 4 shirts to church every week for about a year (maybe more, I don't really care). But The Boss Lady knew about a 75% off sale so I gave in.

So now my wardrobe is a few steps closer to being fully monochromatic. Not really on purpose, but the clothes I picked out were all blue shirts and tan pants. Just like almost everything else in my closet. Except for the orange and black Hawaiian shirt with huge white flowers on it that I have been expressly forbidden from wearing to church. Some say it is because it is ugly, others say it is because I bought it at the grocery store when I ran to get milk and bread. It spoke to me, OK.

I digress. The rest of my shirts are either blue or green. I was going to try and diversify the collection, but no dice this trip. I think I'll wear a blue shirt and tan pants to church on Sunday. Think anyone will notice my new clothes?

I bet they would notice my orange Hawaiian shirt.


Long Island Dad said...

When the shirt spoke... what did it say?

Mike said...

"Yo, Tubby, put down the ice cream and spend your wife's money on something that everyone will love for years."

I posted a picture, so you can see a little bit for yourself.

Ginger said...

Sometime last summer we actually had "Hawaiian shirt day" at our church. You would have fit right in.

Mike said...

I should get that idea going at our church.

Of course, if the preacher can pick me out of the crowd he might call on me...

Angel L. said...

Hubby wants a shirt like that for the Jimmy Buffet concert this summer. LOL. He wants me to wear coconuts and a grass skirt. hee hee.

It seems many men have that same near monochromatic wardrobe that you have. Hubby dresses it up with fun ties but he wears then every day.

Also.. I would think it would say. "HEY... LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!" :D

Terry said...

I actually know someone who has Hawaiian Shirt Friday at work, and as far as I can tell, all the menfolk join in..

Rick said...

Hey, I resemble that statement. We have Hawaiian shirt Friday at work all summer long. I started the trend last spring and after a couple of weeks, we had pretty close to 50% participation every week.

I bet I would look good in that orange and black shirt. If your wife wants to get rid of it, tell here to send it to me.