Thursday, February 15, 2007

Museum trip from The Talker's point of view

The kids and I headed over to a new art museum this morning. At the Blanton, Thursdays are free, so we only had to drop a little cash to park nearby. On the way, I handed the digital camera to The Talker. He documented our drive pretty well, but he lost interest by the time we got inside the museum.

Here are a couple of his shots.

The Talker smiles!

The Princess smiles!

I thought this was The Princess pouting. After looking closer, and being corrected by The Boss, I now see it is The Talker. He says he wasn't sad, just playing.

You can see them all, over on his Flickr page. There are even a couple of pictures taken by The Princess, with a little help from daddy.


Long Island Dad said...

That was great... especially Dad in his leather jacket... little cool down there... what'd tell Angel -- 35 today... poor babies!

Now did he lose interest taking pics or with the museum itself? 'Cause from what I could gather seems pretty cool!

Mike said...

I guess his creative muse dried up. Both of them liked the museum, especially the modern art galleries.

Angel said...

Looks like a fantastic day! And great pictures! My daughter loves the camera and we did an art show collage of them. Kids think outside the box so their pictures are awesome!

btw... temperature is relative to where you are. 35 is cold for you guys down there with thinner blood. I hope we all see warmer weather soon!

Mike said...

BTW, The Boss lady says that is the boy pouting. Guess he was just practicing