Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The rest of the story

So Sunday, while I was teaching the Sunday School class, I froze up. Lost my train of thought and could not remember the rest of the Bible verse I was trying to recite with the class.

The problem verse? Uh, John 3:16. A real brain buster for someone who has been in Sunday School more weeks than not. Not to say I was paying attention all those years...

Yep. The verse that every football fan and pre-schooler in a church mother's-day-out knows, left me completely and utterly stumped. Deer in the headlights style.

It took me a few seconds to remember the ending. Luckily, the class members have heard John 3:16 more times than me, so they were able to jump in and bail me out.


Long Island Dad said...

I always say, "Fake it 'till 'ya make it!"

Terry said...

I cant believe you stumbled with that one.... I dont think I would have admitted to it!!

Mike said...

Well, I always say, If I am going down, I am taking a few people with me.

And what a better verse to goof up on.

I'm just sayin' is all.