Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dream a little dream

Reading Angel's post from this morning reminded me of a recurring dream I had for several months, when I was just starting college.

I was working in a retail warehouse club. Yes, the one where I ran over my own foot with a forklift. Anyways, the woman who was in charge of payroll was the nicest person in the whole place. She was often reminding new people about how to use the time clocks, but she was never mean or rude about it.

On to the dream...

I started dreaming almost every night that Payroll Lady was chasing me around the store, with my time card in her hand. She would drag me off of the forklift and up to the front of the store, to show me how to punch in and out, properly.

As the dream would go on, Payroll Lady would get more and more pissed off at me, chasing me further into the store and dragging my time card-abusing butt back to the front of the store. On her last trip of the night, Payroll Lady would grab my shirt and start punching the time clock with the tail of my shirt, instead of a time card. The whole time she was screaming "This is the right way to clock in. You see NOW?"

After a couple of weeks of this, I actually told Payroll Lady about my dream. And she just winked at me, laughed and walked away. Which in then just scared me back into another few months of the time clock dream.

I never did figure out the dream. But with all of my various jobs I've had since, I managed to avoid time clocks in all but one other place. My So Called Aunt was in charge of the time cards, though. And no one is afraid of her...


Angel said...

That reminds me of the school dreams I still have from time to time about losing my schedule and forgetting my locker combination. I also have water dreams with the ocean and waves.... don't get me started. I'm a dream interpretors perfect client. LOL

Ginger said...

I have the locker dream, too. But mostly for 20 years I have been having a recurring dream where I am late for a trip and frantically trying to pack. It has many variations. Hey, that might make a good post.