Monday, April 17, 2006

Chain blogging

I won't forward a chain letter, no matter how much bad luck I am threatened with if I dare break the chain. And the whole blog tagging thing I don't really understand, but here I am.

I got tagged by The Bean's Dad, over at where boys fear to tread. So here, for your perusal, are six (plus a couple of bonuses) strange things/facts about me:

1. I never owned my own television until I was almost 30 years old. My parents had some, college roommates always had one, and the wife had an old one when we married. We now have five.

2. I once lost my hair to a seven year old. When I was 24 and running a summer camp. If he beat me in a foot race back to the dining hall then I had to shave my head. He did. I did.

2b. I also once lost my facial hair to a barbecue grill. When it finally lit, I stopped, dropped and rolled.

2c. I also once got beat up by a seven year old. I was 25 but he had gravity working with him. He blacked my eye while I was rolling down a hill. A hill I was falling down because he pushed me. He started it, I swear.

3. I have only gotten four or five speeding tickets in almost 20 years of driving, but I got two on the same day. The first one was for 72 in a 65, the second was for 72 in a 55. 150 miles away from the first ticket and less than two hours later. Guess the cops clocked me as I was slowing down.

4. I have completely destroyed two bikes in crashes. I tore up a road bike when I hit a parked Volkswagen and finished it off when I hit a road construction barricade at full speed. Years later, I killed a mountain bike riding trails during an ice storm.

5. I once ran over my own foot. On a forklift. Afterwards, neither the forklift nor my foot were broken.

5b. I also once got my foot almost broken when I got stepped on by a horse. That I was leading around.

6. I know the true stories behind MPH Factors and CBH. And a song and dance about the OJ Simpson trial.

So there you have it. Several more pieces to help you complete the AtHomeDaddy puzzle. Feel inclined to answer for yourself? Then go tag yourself.


Anonymous said...

You and seven year olds don't mix well together, do you?

I'd tell you to slow down and be careful, but then life is doing a pretty good job of saying that to you!

Your list is great.

Mike said...

It is tough to be a klutzy moron, I tell you what.