Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ooops, It's Wednesday

This morning I got up, I put out the trash, I set out the recycling and I got the back yard poop scooped. My usual Wednesday routine. But I thought it was Tuesday most of the morning.

So you might wonder why did I put out the trash? Because the neighbors had their trash out and even at 35 years old, I can't resist peer pressure. Still, I thought they were moronic for putting out the trash a day early... Hey, I may be an idiot, but I am a complicated idiot.

When we got to the bouncers this morning, it hit me. Wednesdays are full price day. $10 per kid to play on the moon bouncers. Ouch. But the pain of turning back then would have been much worse than paying full price. No one wants to hear our kids cry that loud in the mall. Plus, it is the girl's birthday, so we bounced at full price.

The upside to dropping a wad? There are usually 50 or more kids in the place when we play on half price day. Today, 10 kids at the most. The Talker had a blast for almost three hours. The Princess had fun bouncing for a little while and robbing the candy machines for the rest. Several times I saw her eating something, so I guess she was able to shake candy loose once in a while.

We may have to consider going back on full price days. The kids had tons more fun and the other kids were well behaved enough that I was able to play along, too. A rousing game of hide the Daddy's hat went on for than an hour. At first a couple of mom's seemed worried that the kids kept snatching my brand new ball cap. When they realized that I was not worried about it, everyone had fun.

My cap showed up inside of every bouncer in the place and I think every kid there wore it at least once. Thank goodness we haven't played the cap hiding game when there were 50 kids around on half price day.

You might not want to let YOUR kid wear my hat though. Especially if you see any little bugs crawling around in my hair next week.

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