Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's curtains for The Talker

Before The Talker was born, we decorated one bedroom pretty well. It has custom made curtains that hang from a large rustic tree branch and the room got a fresh coat of paint before the son was born. There is an outdoor feel to the entire room. Worked great when it was The Talker's room. But now it is The Princess' room and we will have to redecorate someday. But for now, we still like it and she hasn't told us that she hates it...

The Talker's room got new miniblinds three or four years ago, but hasn't been touched since. Besides a few posters on the wall, there is nothing to give his room any character. But last night his room took a big step towards looking like a little boy's room. New curtains. Sort of. Actually they are banners from past Round Rock Express seasons. The souvenir shop didn't have this year's banner, yet. But we already have the spot marked out.

Most importantly, he thinks it is cool. And I bet Uncle Lemon will think so, too

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