Sunday, April 16, 2006

We are now 1 and 1

I took The Talker and one of his buddies out to the ball park tonight. They boys had fun getting sugared up with the 6 pounds of snacks I brought along. After the suckers, peanuts and fruit candies we had to wash it all down with a few sodas.

After three innings I decided to give the people around us a break from the high energy twosome and we ventured out to the kids area above centerfield. The boys waited in line for an inning to bounce for four minutes. But after that, they told me they were ready to go home. I guess the sugar buzz had finally worn off. We hung around for another couple of innings anyways.

I got to listen to the end of the game on the radio driving home. Which was fine since the game was tied up when we left. Friday night we won, tonight we lost. So The AtHomeFamily is now 1 and 1 on the season tickets. 70 more games to go.

We are skipping the afternoon game on Sunday to hang out with Sis' family. No big loss, since it should be about 90 degrees at game time.

A side note - the kids have stood or sat in the aisle for most of the games we have gone to in the last three years. They haven't bothered anyone out that I know about. Plus they can see better and they can wiggle a little easier. Tonight, during the 6th inning, an usher came and shooed them back to their seats. It was pretty funny watching the boys wait her out and seeing them head out to the aisle again as soon as she was out of view. Sneaky kids. They cracked me up.

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