Thursday, April 27, 2006

Budget swim day

This morning the kids and I planted a new crop of beans in the garden. After we got them planted and watered, I ran to the house to catch a phone call. I figured I was taking a little chance by leaving two kids alone with a trickling water hose.

A couple of minutes later I found both kids and the garden hose in a plastic tub that we use to contain playscape toys. The kids dumped the toys and were waiting patiently for the bucket to fill up. Of course they killed a little time by stripping off every stitch of clothing they had on.

So here we are, one dressed adult, two nekkid kids and a wet dog pouting nearby, all hanging out in the backyard. I finally took some pity on the kids and set up the pool.

But seeing that they were already soaked, I would not let The Talker go get his new swimsuit. Why should he grow modesty now, right?

The mowing crew working next door worked right through the swim party. But I bet they had one heck of a story to tell later.

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