Monday, April 24, 2006

Things you missed

Not much worth blogging about lately:

Here are the highlights from the past few days.

Hail can actually get to golf ball sized chunks. We had a half hour hailstorm blow through Friday. Lots of dents in the old car, none in the new car, thanks to the garage. The truck? Must take more than a golf ball to dent my old rig. No new dents on it.

The insurance adjuster came over this morning and took a quick look around before letting me know that our house needs a new roof. Fine with me, since the guy who installed this one turned out to be an idiot.

The garden is growing great. The Boss Lady and I ate salads right out of the garden yesterday, even though some of the lettuce had holes from the hail storm. The tomatoes are on the vine but not ripe. No beans or melons yet.

The kids are fine and dandy. Thanks to the nurse at The Boss Lady's school. The boy has been REALLY LOUD lately. After a trip to the nurse and then to the Pediatrician, we found the problem. Double inner ear infection. He never complained about his ears, but man, was he LOUD. Not that he is ever quiet, but clog this kid's ears up and you can break the city noise ordinances.

The kids also have new pets. But these are my favorites. Kiddy and Roy, came from Build a Bear Workshop. Pictures to come soon.

The dog went for a cruise this morning. After the insurance guy left, we went to the park and I put the dog out. Too bad I left the gate wide open. Luckily Kodak ran to a friend's house two blocks over and he played with there until we got home from the park. When we got him back home, he broke free of his collar and went running again. He took sympathy on me when I wiped out in the street and scraped up my hands, knees and face.

Pictures will not be following.


jen said...

Did you wipe out because the dog ran so fast he made you trip? That happened to my cousin on Saturday. The dogs (Dot and Buddy) took off and she tripped and scraped up her hands, shoulder, and knee pretty badly. Crazy animals!

Mike said...

Nope. I tripped when I was at least 25 feet behind him. I am just a klutz.

But it is still his fault.

The fall, not the klutiness. That has been with me much longer than the dog.