Thursday, April 06, 2006

World's best baby picture
What every parent dreams for their daughter

One of the blogs I check in on is THE ODA MAE BABY BLOG

I had not been over in a while and I had to scroll down to the middle of the page to get to this entry, Doctor visit...

Be sure to follow the links and scroll to the bottom of the page to check out the best kid picture ever taken.

Or if you are really impatient, click here.

OK, I know it was photoshopped, or something, by Mr. Mom in Florida. But it has had me laughing my butt off all afternoon.


Oda Daddy said...

Glad we could be of some assistance in the humor department today! We're hoping to have three more children so we can dress them up as the whole band someday.
(Well, I am anyway.)

Ken LeBleu Photography said...

I apologize... as I did to Jim.. I was the guilty party.. It was late.. I was tired after watching Jade all day.. (mr mom for three years).. and the pic of odamae just spoke to me...haha

My purpose in life is to make others find laughter in my absoloute ineptness in trying to raise a daughter..

I like your blog.. i feel the pain