Monday, April 10, 2006

The annual birthday gift hunt

For the first time in several years I actually have a clue.

I should probably just end the post there, but I'll elaborate.

The Boss Lady's birthday is approaching quickly. As in it will be here before my next blog post. So the kids and I are finally getting around to shopping for her gift. I have a head start since I actually have an idea about what to get. But of course, I like The Talker's idea better than my own.

She works hard, so she really would enjoy a motorcycle, right?

Harbor Freight, here we come. But maybe we will swing by here just to see if a gift catches The Talker's eye.

Edit - Well, we WOULD go shopping if we could find my keys for The Boss Lady's car... Anybody seen em? A Ford key and a house key on a Round Rock Express key ring? No?


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