Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Monday evening, while the kids were playing in the backyard, I decided to track down JB. He was my college roomie for a couple of years and except for classes, we were damn near inseparable.

We seem to lose touch every couple of years. And I had not chatted him up since he moved to LA. Once the bee was firmly in my bonnet, I started trying to find a number for him. He is a cell phone only type of guy so that it isn't too easy. Especially since his number was stored only on my old cell phone. That drowned itself in the Gulf of Mexico.

First a quick call to information just to check the city where I last knew he was living. No number, no surprise.

Then a call to info to ask for his dad's number. No deal. After I realized that I had given them the wrong town name, I tried a third time. No listing there, either.

Yahoo to the rescue. No numbers for son, dad or mom, except one for Jr, when he was several states away and one for the parents that I knew was their old address. No go on Yahoo, either.

I was a sad boy until I saw a listing with the correct last name in the right town, wrong first name. But it seemed promising.

The Boss Lady, The Talker and I had gone to JB's parent's house a few years ago. So I pulled up a Google map of the address and saw that the house was right where I remembered it. I also remembered that JB's mom and dad had bought his grandma's house a few years ago

At last, success with his grandma's phone number! Ain't the internet great?

A quick call to dear old roomie's dad on grandma's number and I had JB's new cell phone number in my hand. After that, JB and I were on the phone for at least two hours while I shopped for The Boss Lady's birthday gift and made a Costco run. A little bit of reminiscing and a lot of shit got shot. It was a good time goofing around with a good buddy.


Sorry, but I am not at liberty to divulge the contents of any conversations I may or may not have had with JB in the past, present or future, sorry.

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