Thursday, April 27, 2006

Half the mail in twice the time

OK, technically it is a third of the mail. And I have no idea how long it actually took to get here.

We got a card of some sort from someone's mom today. I think it is from The Mother of the Bride. But who really knows. Without further delay, I present you with today's mail.

All that is left of the envelope was the address. All that remains of the card is the thin strip that was luck enough to survive the sorting machine attack.

But the post office is concerned about keeping customers happy, so they mailed us the shreds in an envelope with this apology.

I hope she did not spend too much on the card or include any cash in the envelope. And if you did, thanks for trying, MOTB


Mike said...

But at least it isn't a brush guard!

Anonymous said...

i'm rather amazed that the post office even bothered to deliver this card remanent. but i can tell that they did the right thing because it gave you something to blog about.
good to know that the post office cares about you!

Terry said...

At least you did get the pre-printed apology that was created for such catastrophes. The same thing happened to me, but it took them 17 days to deliver my remnants and I still have not received an apology. By the way, its me, Ricks little sister....Terry

Mike said...


Hope all is well with you. I mailed you a card, but you know the post office, it must not have made it there.

OK that is a lie. I would have mailed you a card. If I had ever written you one. Or bought one.

Rick said...

Terry's Brother here,

Whose B'day was it? You need to find out how much cash is missing and send the P.O. an invoice requesting payment.