Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Play Ball!

Tonight the AtHomeFamily headed over to the ballpark for the first time this season. This is the second season that we have shared Round Rock Express season tickets with Uncle Lemon. They don't start playing home games for 10 more days, but tonight they were entertaining season ticket holders with a meal and a meet and greet with the players and coaches.

The Talker was disappointed that they were not playing a game but he was excited to get to talk to the players. He said that he wished they had worn "their baseball playing clothes tonight", instead of the casual clothes they were all in.

He got a few player and coach autographs on his ball glove. Last season he would only let the mascot, Spike sign. Including Spike, his glove has been signed by Pitchers Dave Borkowski, Jared Gothreaux, and Mark McLemore, Third Baseman Joe McEwing, the Manager, Jackie Moore and one mystery player. I forgot his name and his number does not appear on the current roster. And of course, these guys are all wanting to be major leaguers, so they all have autographs that no one can actually read.

Edit - leave it to Uncle Lemon, the keeper of all baseball knowledge, to be able to recognize the mystery autograph. The unknown player? #3, outfielder, Mike Rodriguez.

Even though the players did not play a game, we had a good time. The kids got new Spike shirts and hats. And I found a rack of 75% off hats in the stadium store. So I come home with a stack of hats, a $2 license plate frame for the Saturn and half a dozen banners from past years, for The Talker's room.

After all, I like baseball. But I love a good 75% off sale.

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