Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My last one year old day?

The Princess turns two on Wednesday. She already acts like a two year old and is as big as her two year old friends, but tomorrow makes it official. And hopefully soon, I'll quit being corrected by The Talker every time I tell someone she is two.

This morning we headed to the children's museum to enjoy "No Group Day". The one day each month that they do not schedule school field trips or day care centers to visit. Since it is not crowded, we try to make it every month.

Afterwards we had to run a few errands. We stopped at a new Sears store to look for a Dora shirt for The Princess' birthday. I wanted to get her as t shirt, but everything they had was too fancy. We cruised through the toys on the way to finish our errands and The Princess latched onto a new set of dolls.

"I want to take these home in Daddy's new car, pweeze."

Who could say no to that? So we spent all of her birthday money from mama and papa on two new dolls. She enjoyed them for the ride home. But when it was time to nap, she told me, "NO babies in my bed. I don't like them."

Of course, she never did say she wanted to play with them, only to take them home in the new car...

Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever herd from an almost two year old. My baby really is a two year old, isn't she?

Yes, Talker, I know, NOT UNTIL WEDNESDAY!

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Anonymous said...

two! no more baby... And glad to hear that the Talker's looking out for the truth...