Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Somebody must have told him the REAL truth

about the Tooth Fairy.

Tonight before dinner, The Talker got real serious and stated quizzing The Boss Lady about the Tooth Fairy. Then he decided that it just did not sound like such good idea to him.

"I want to make a sign for my door.

What should it say?

Tooth Fairy don't come into my room!"

After the sign was made on a small marker board, he decorated the sign for a little emphasis.

"So, Buddy, what did you draw on the sign?

Broken glass and wood splinters.


So that when she tries to walk into my room, it'll hurt her feet."

Damn. The boy is worried about booby-trapping his room to protect himself from nocturnal chicks who steal your teeth. And I am kind of at a loss, so please don't tell him that the Tooth Fairy can fly.

And for god's sake, don't tell him the Tooth Fairy leaves more than a quarter per tooth. 'Cause this Tooth Fairy ain't made of money.


my so called aunt said...

Did the Talker lose a tooth?

Just make sure the tooth fairy
has his/her glasses on. Don't want to make the same mistake that happened at our house. Sad to say-even a 4 year old can recognize a $10 bill! I think the tooth fairy meant to bring $1 for the first tooth, and she checked her purse very carefully after that.

Mike said...

No. No lost teeth here.

Just a little boy who is suddenly ready to trap and torture the Tooth Fairy.

Angel said...

That cracks me up! Thank goodness my son didn't decide to create a fortress against the tooth fairy. My daughter might. She doesn't seem to like the idea. LOL

But up this way the tooth fairy gave my son a dollar per tooth. Then at the bus stop my son found out the tooth fairy left his friend $5. !!! Yeah! I know. So my son wondered why his tooth was worth less. wtf people!? $5??? Don't ask me how I explained that, I don't remember. I think I said that he was probably just saying that to make my son jealous. Damn, how do you get around that? *sigh* Freakin' flying fairy! Why AREN'T you made of money?

Ginger said...

Tooth fairies don't visit our house. That's right our kids teeth don't even warrant a quarter.

Long Island Dad said...

I'm with Ginger... they gotta earn the quarter. Line up here for tooth inspections!

I do applaud his effort at booby trapping the door... think it'll work for me... I'm making my door sign as I type...

Terry said...

I give lots of money to my tooth fairy every year!!!