Monday, February 19, 2007

Tag, I'm it.

So Angel and Rick have both tagged me.Between them and their associate taggers, everyone I know seems to have been hit already. So the madness ends here. Unless you want to consider yourself tagged, then carry on...

I am sure that I have revealed waaaaaaaaaaay too much already, but everyone seems to want to know more about The Stick Man, so here goes.

#1. I graduated from college without ANY credits in math on my transcript. Zip, nada, none. Which also describes my math abilities. My degree plan required college algebra, but I found a loophole!

My parents paid for college algebra at least 6 times, but I dropped it before flunking. So a junior level Statistics of Psychology class seemed like a good option. No one knew what was going on in there, so we all rode the Bell Curve right to graduation.

#e. I did not learn to swim until I was in college. Still, I once worked as a lifeguard. I ended up with the job by default, when a summer camp lifeguard quit at the last minute, about 5 months after finishing my non-swimmers PE class.

#47. My first car was a 1969 and a 1/2 VW Bug. What made it a half year model? The gas gauge design and some other things that I have forgotten now. But it was damned important when I was in High School. Someday I will have another Bug.

#32. As of yesterday, I am a Sunday School teacher. Our church needed some help in a class for adults who have developmental disabilities, so I got tagged there, too. Guess it is time to clean up the language...

Surely that is five. Close enough for a guy who can't even do college math, right? No? Well how about this, then:

#753. If you want to name a murderer, give him my middle name. No, I haven't made the list. And I am not planning on making it. It would look really bad for a Sunday School teacher to be on that list. And no, The Talker does not carry on the Wayne tradition. His middle named came right out of classic American literature. No crazy murderers there.

Back in the comments after my post about nicknames, my mom stole some good thunder for this post. Yes, I did drink gasoline once. I also once ran over my own foot with a forklift and I got beat up by a seven year old. When I was 25. But I revealed most of those last time.


Angel said...

I wasn't around for the last game of tag so that's why you got it. LOL. Sorry. That and have been too hyper as of late to read all the blogs back to the beginning like I used to. But hey, being tagged is a license to talk about yourself... right? Awesome info there.

You all are reminding me how I have to get back to church. I am a slacker with my catholicism darn it but with GOOD reason. Darn church.

Angel said...

btw.... a former and future bug owner? I plan to get my bug in May or June of this year. I am so excited!!!

Long Island Dad said...

I used to teach 2nd grade Sunday school... but they ask too many damn questions LOL! GOOD LUCK... you're gonna need it!

BTW, thanks for sharing, sometimes too much information is a dangerous thing. Angel and her damn "taggin" we'll get her though... LOL! Just kidding Angel...not!

Mike said...


I love VW Bugs. Old, new, whatever. I really hope the wife will get one for her next car, that or a Mini Cooper.

And I hear you and LID about the church thing. I have never really wanted to get this involved, but it should be a good experience for me. And hopefully for the class, too.

Hopefully they won't learn new cuss words at church.

Mike said...

And Angel, I must be getting old, becauseI did not even remember ANSWERING the last time, until I was searching archived posts to see if I had bloggeed about the forklift thing.