Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Toilet! (Tipped Over!)

Fair Warning Notice: FOF, this post is about a potty.
Proceed with caution!

There is a new neighborhood under construction near our house. The builder is cramming about 20, 600K 2 story homes into a piece of property that is something less than 4 acres. There used to only be 2 houses with huge yards on the property, but progress dictates that people want huge houses with yards that can be mowed with a pair of scissors. I digress.

Anyways, a random old toilet showed up on the property while one of the houses was under construction. We see the toilet every time we drive into our neighborhood and the kids started laughing about the randomness of the potty sitting out in the middle of the new development.

For weeks it was a race, to see who could spot the potty and yell out "Toilet!" each time we passed (pun fully intentional - I work hard for this blog, don'tcha know?) by.

Then one day the abandoned throne was knocked over on it's side. And there it has stayed for a month or more.

Now, with each drive by, someone in the car yells out "Toilet! Tipped Over!" As far as I can tell, the only real rule to the game is that whoever yells last loses.

Someday I guess our magical, mysterious potty will end up in a dumpster. Until then, keep a sharp eye out. You never know when a potty might appear out of nowhere.


New Dad Chris said...

We play a similar game with airplanes. First one to spot a airplane and yell "Airplane I win" well.... wins!

The Father of Five said...

You could REALLY surprise the kids - and sneak out there in the middle of the night, set it back upright, and set a doll, or a large GI Joe or something similar on it... and just sit back and wait to see what the kids yell then!

P.S. Thanks for the warning!

AtHomeDaddy said...

New Dad, I like that game. I think I'll start that with the kids once, if ever, the potty disappears.

57plymouth said...

There are three down the street that someone dumped at the county line. Do you want me to send one to you?

Anonymous said...

Potty, poop, and booties are hot topics of conversation at our house. And yes, I'm guilty. Esp. when one of the boys is upset and I need a diversion, "Oh look, daddy's booty has sheetrock dust on it!"