Monday, November 09, 2009

The clone should watch his back. Might be spies nearby

The Talker hit the Mother Lode a couple of nights ago. Halloween costumes on a 90% off sale at Target. He scored a Star Wars Clone Trooper costume for $4 and a Darth Vader for $2. Needless to say, the boy can hardly be talked out of his new gear.

This morning he wanted his Clone Trooper picture taken. While I was trying to snap a decent shot, I noticed that we had an extra set of eyes watching our every move. M&M the Hen may be a double agent for the Jedi. Because, as The Talker just informed me, "the Blue Clone Troopers are bad guys and they fight the Jedi. When Anakin Skywalker was a..." (At that point I just sort of quit listening since his Star Wars talk can go on for a while.)

A Clone Trooper can not be too careful around here!

The eyes are watching. Always watching.


boss lady said...

Stealth chicken gives herself away, though. She pecks at the door to come inside. Maybe that gun could shoo her away from the door?

The Father of Five said...

Totally Awesome, and useless Star Wars Trivia factoid #5,342,552.

There was a not well publicized contract between the Empire's Clone Troopers and Nerf to supply the Empires forces with weapons.