Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ch Ch Changes...

I started this skool year in a temporary position, knowing that I would have to wait for a teacher's position to open up in the district. But it seemed to make sense to get into the system and let the people who might hire me have a look at me before they decided to hire a newly minted teacher.

And the plan worked. Almost perfectly. Almost.

I assumed I would have the temp job for the entire skool year. I was pretty sure that was going to add up to a long 9 months and i knew it for sure when I saw my first paycheck. The teacher's assistant gig was A LOT of work for garbage pay. When I was offered the full teacher's job in December, I jumped at the chance.

Within a month there were rumors that job cuts would be coming soon and as the last man on the ship, I was pretty sure that I would be one of the first thrown overboard.

And what a splash that was!

I am still not happy to be in this situation. I flip and flop between wanting to show everybody how hard I am willing to work, in order to prove my worth to the skool and not wanting to waste any extra effort before summer break.

It is highly unlikely that I will be re-hired into my current job for the fall. And that super sucks. I was trying to learn my new job and build something great for my soon to be 7th and 8th grade students. We had some good things happening and now I will not be around to see if any of that effort pays off.

Oh yeah, right in the middle of all of this chaos, it started looking like The Boss Lady's job would be gone too. Nice!

The upside is that The Boss' job is going to be fine. She will be around next year to rake in the big bucks while I retire to the couch for my daily nap(s). Also, a few job openings are starting to pop up and I have applied for several Special Education teacher jobs. If I land one of those, then we will be back on track.

And if I don't? Dunno. Maybe I'll go full monty time chicken farmer. Anybody want to buy some eggs?


Grace said...

Sorry to hear about the job cuts. Totally sucks.

Diplo_Daddy said...

So sorry to hear about your teaching gig. Keep your head up!