Monday, April 04, 2011

Happy Birthday from the soon to return AHD

The Princess turns 7 tomorrow. I'll stop back by Tuesday and make a real post to honor the occasion.

In other Fam news, it looks like AtHomeDaddy will ride again! Thanks to our inept state government officials, public schools are being pillaged to satisfy the vocal minority. My job is one of the thousands that these idiots feel are not worth funding. So looks like I'll be home for Baby Girl's next Birthday, too.

Happy Birthday Princess and kick it to the grass!


Rick said...

Happy Birthday to the Princess.

The Father of Five said...

Of course... A a bunch of happy birthday wishes from our zoo!

twistedxtian said...

happy belated birthday to your little one.

Also, that sucks about your job being cut. :( I hope your time as a SAHD is great. I'll be back being a SAHD next month, but mine is by choice.