Friday, February 03, 2006

Diaper Strike!

AtHomeDaddy is calling a Diaper Strike.

No, I am not refusing to change diapers. Since The Princess is still wearing them, that would be mean. But I am officially declaring my intention to not pick up diapers that are left in the hallway during the evenings.

See, The Boss Lady has a bad habit of tossing diapers in the hall, with the intention of taking them to the trash after bath time. Now to be fair, they are never stinky diapers. That would be REALLY gross.

And sometimes they sit there until I pick them up later in the evening or the next morning. As of this morning, when I found 2 diapers on the floor, they will be sitting until the responsible party picks them up or until the dog or a child tries to eat them.

So if you come over, watch your step in the hall. And if you want to cross the picket line, that is OK, too. I won't hold a grudge. Unless you are a diaper tosser.


graceful said...

OMG! My husband does the SAME thing! But if I said something? He'd say "Oh honey. Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it." And then he wouldn't pick it up. ARGH!

jd said...

Way to take a stance! I hope the dog isn't interested in it. yuck!

Ally Bean said...

didn't i just read that diaper tossing is going to be the exhibition sport at this year's winter olympics?

sounds like you have a gold medalist there.

dadwith2 said...