Monday, February 20, 2006

My new heroes

I have a new respect for at home parents who don't have access to a car during the days of hanging with the kiddos. Especially when the weather is not nice enough to play outside. I have gone crazy hanging out at the house the last few days. The Boss Lady's car decided to take a vacation. So we sent it to the car spa resort/repair shop.

Turns out I knew just how to fix her car. I tried to do it. The part I bought was close. But you can't get the CORRECT parts except from some guy named Elmer in Moose Jaw, Alaska. And he only ships his ignition switches by a slow boat. Which must make a port call in Honolulu. After 4 days, we are still waiting on the part.

Saturday and Sunday were both rainy and cold enough that we stayed home. All weekend. A record for our family. Scratch that. The wife and kids went running around, I stayed home all weekend.

This morning we are off to Chuck E Cheese with several neighbor families. Not really my idea of a great hang out spot, but it has to be better than watching another 3 hours of Go Diego Go. Or spending 13 hours in the office, like one of my other heroes is doing today.

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Ally Bean said...

So we sent it to the car spa resort/repair shop.

lol on that one. so true. so frustrating. so expensive.