Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just what every Daddy wants to hear

The kids and I went outside this morning, to check on the damage. It must not have gotten as cold a s predicted. No harm done, it seems.

In fact, it is a really nice day, so the children played on the playscape while I finally got around to doing some much delayed yard clean up.

While I was working I heard The Talker as if his sister wanted to play. Her hesitant response, "Play what?" was met with a very sure answer. "Tattoo shop!"

I did not get a lot of work done after that. I was a little busy making sure the boy did not decide to ink up his sister. That would be really fun to explain to the wife.

Besides, what kind of tat does an almost two year old girl go for? One of those tribal center of the back things? Too Nineties. A little butterfly on the hip? Too teenager. How about a crucifix covering her left bicep. That would go over great in Sunday School, don't you think?

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Ally Bean said...


she needs one of those hearts with a ribbon across it that says, DADDY. the kind that sailors used to get that said MOTHER across it.

that would be tres chic on a two year old!