Sunday, February 26, 2006

The long and the short of it all

If you want the long explanation for the pictures in my last post, scroll down a little. If you want the short version, stay here for a second.

The short version: Fingers should not be under shopping carts. It is not broken. The wrap stays on for another day or so.

And the long version: The kids and two neighbor kids went to Costco with The Boss Lady Saturday morning. When they were heading into the store, The Princess fell and the cart rolled right over her left index finger. Actually, it went right down the length of her finger, from her hand to her fingertip. By the time the herd got back home, The Princess had a swollen and sore finger.

I was supposed to take some food to our church at noon. Instead I took the girl to the ER and The Boss Lady carried the salad to the church, with the three kids in tow. The girl slept in my arms for a couple of hours at the ER. While the wife dealt with feeding and entertaining three kids. They X rayed and saw no major problems. So they fitted a temporary splint, which is bigger than a normal finger splint, because she would have ripped one of those off in a few milliseconds. Then they sent us home.

So in the end, she got a big gauze and fiberglass wrapped hand, which is very useful in smacking big brothers around. The Talker got smacked upside his head a few times this weekend by Big Hand Sister. The Boss lady was worn out from keeping the herd happy. And I slept at the hospital in a plastic chair for a few hours.

Sounds like I won this Saturday.


jd said...

Glad to hear she'll be ok. I think you did win, being the one who got the nap! ;)

dadwith2 said...

I'm not sure I would be performing a victory dance. Naps in plastic chairs SUCK!! I'm glad Big Hand Sister is going to be okay!