Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It 's all in how you are raised

I let the kids watch Finding Nemo this morning, while I was trying to get a little laundry and house cleaning finished

For those who skipped the 2,243 showings of Nemo at our house, early in the movie Nemo's mother is killed by a shark.

Right as that scene is about to happen, The Talker turned to his little sister and prepared her.

"It's OK Baby Girl, Nemo's mommy is just at work. Nemo is just playing with his daddy today. She's not getting deaded by the shark."

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Ally Bean said...

i don't know if i love it more that the Talker cared enough to assure his little sister that everything was okay. or that he was in such a state of denial over what he was going to see that he made up a plausible story.