Friday, February 10, 2006

Wanna play Questions? Are you afraid you might get your ass kicked by a 4 year old?

A dozen years ago my cousins introduced me to a game called Questions. The premise is simple. Some asks a question. And the response has to come in the form of a question. Then the original person asks a question in response to that one and so on.

Little did I know that 8 years later a Questions master would be born. I should really think about changing The Talker's blog name. Something like The Grand Inquisitor would be much more fitting. For one thing, his sister now talks more than he does. But the main reason would be that he seems to go days on end only asking questions.

This evening I am letting the kids watch Monster's Inc. while mommy works late. During the first 27 minutes and 54 seconds of the movie, a movie that the boy has seen scores of times, he asked 63 questions. Sixty freakin' three.

You do the math. However you count it, that is a lot of questions per hour, coming out of a little mouth. I guess it is better than curse words, but sometimes I wonder...

And believe me this is not confined to movies. The Talker is sort of like a living and breathing version of 20 Questions that does not stop after 20. Or 200. So now I am hiding in the kitchen because my brain is too tired to answer anymore questions.

Right now there is only question on my mind. Where is the vodka and the cough syrup?


jd said...

hehehe Well, at least you can say he's thinking a lot, right?

KC said...

...but who's counting?