Monday, February 13, 2006

Need to improve your eyesight? Clean your kitchen

The kiddos were playing quietly this morning. Don't really want to know what they were playing. I was just thrilled that it was quiet!

Anyways, I decided to tackle the disaster that has over run our kitchen. And after an hour of cleaning, the kitchen looks awful.

No, I did not forget to wash dishes or scrub counters. I even scrubbed the stove and microwave. Everything is clean.

But know I can see how bad this room really needs to be painted. And the floors that I never finished staining two years ago... And the really nasty crack in the slab, right through the middle of the room. It shines like a beacon. Begging for foundation repairs. Bet that'll be cheap!

Damn. If I left the mess alone I would have never seen any of this other stuff.

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