Friday, August 18, 2006

Home again

The kids and I got home Thursday afternoon. On the way home we stopped at the zoo. After a couple of hours there and three hours in the car, I was wiped out. But not the twosome. They rode around the zoo in a rented wagon and napped for a little in the car.

The kids were wired when we got home but it was about 30 degrees too hot to be outside, so they watched The Incredibles on the big TV and I hid out in the back of the house for an hour and a half. I am not much on napping, but the next thing I knew the kids were climbing on me and telling me that the movie was over. And we still had three hours until The Boss Lady would be home from work.

Somehow we made it through the afternoon. We ended up meeting up with The Boss Lady for some yummy Tex-Mex at dinner and luckily the kids crashed quickly at bed time.

Another road trip down and another day survived. Yeah for us.

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