Thursday, August 03, 2006

4 day re-cap

The kids and I have been keeping busy this week while The Boss Lady is working crazy hours to get her school ready for kids.

The Talker finally got his first real video game this past weekend. He is crazy for Cars, so we bought him a Cars game for our computer. Then I got it installed and found out that our 6 month old computer's onboard video card would not run the game. Off to Fry's for a new video card while the boy napped. $100 and 3 hours later, we were smashing cars all over Radiator Springs.

Sunday the kids each got to take a ride around the neighborhood in the now complete truck. It isn't finished, a long way from that, it does however now have ALL the major elements of a truck. Cab, motor, transmission,brakes and a BED.

Monday night we went out to the baseball game for a few innings. No excitement there, except for the $1 hotdogs and sodas. A night at the ballpark with your kids? Priceless. Feeding everyone out there, $7. What a bargain.

Tuesday. Stuff happened. Can't remember any specifics, though.

Wednesday we swam in the indoor pool at the YMCA, after hitting the playscape for an hour. Whoever decided that building giant canopies over playscapes in Texas was a good idea should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. Everyone was happy and everyone napped. Good times.

This morning the twosome played in the backyard and watched birds attack the feeder that we finally filled up over the weekend. One bluejay is in charge, but there are at least 20 other birds sneaking turns at the feeder when he chases away an intruder. While the kids were on the playscape I cleaned up what was left of the spring veggie garden. The only plants left out there now are one eggplant and a Sweet Basil. Everything else died in the heat. Soon we will start working on our fall garden.

By the way, when I spell checked this entry, Blogger thought I should change canopies to cannabis. I guess they think that the guy who decides to grow pot at the playscape should win an award, too.

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